Free Tuition, NOT!

I do not think that tuition should be free to all those with 80% or higher. We should look at this argument in a logical manner. In “theory” this sounds like a great plan, but only in theory. It is unattainable and would ruin the post-secondary school system forever. And in turn all residents of the country.  The incentive to get 80% would be so strong, that everyone would try and achieve that goal. You would have more and more students graduating with high grades. No one would pay for their education. Where does the colleges get their money? From tuition! No tuition, no money. Where would the money have to come from? The provincial government. Where do they get their money? The taxpayers of Ontario. Our taxes would be hiked to cover the cost of running the colleges. The Ontario government may also ask the federal government to up payments to the province, again creating a tax burden on the resident or Canada. So, it’s easy to see if we look beyond the noble gesture of free tuition, how it would affect all the taxpayers Canada.


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