Harvard Vs. The Prisoners

  • In a debate between a champion Harvard debating team and prison inmates, who do you think would win? Why?

In the debate between the Champion Harvard Debating Team and prison inmates, I believe that the inmates would win the debate. The reasoning for my belief is purely a cultural and socio-economic one. I think that the team from Harvard would have a hard time with this topic.  Most of the Harvard debate team would have come from a privileged background. Many would have never attended public school with illegal immigrants. I believe that the prisoners would be more in touch with this topic and would be able to defend and argue the points better. They may have firsthand knowledge of the system, or know of someone who has had to deal with the situation.


  • Which side do you think would be more likely to defend the rights of illegal immigrants? Why?

I think that the Prison inmates would be more likely to defend the rights of the illegal immigrants. As stated above, I feel that the inmates would be more in touch with the situation than the Harvard Students. My reasoning is because the Harvard Students may come from a more sheltered background because of the status that they have (rich, privileged).  The inmates would be exposed to more illegal immigrants. Possibly some of them are illegal immigrants and this topic has affected them on a personal level. The way I answered it seems almost racist, which I am not. But to me it makes sense.


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