Free Tuition, NOT!

I do not think that tuition should be free to all those with 80% or higher. We should look at this argument in a logical manner. In “theory” this sounds like a great plan, but only in theory. It is unattainable and would ruin the post-secondary school system forever. And in turn all residents of the country.  The incentive to get 80% would be so strong, that everyone would try and achieve that goal. You would have more and more students graduating with high grades. No one would pay for their education. Where does the colleges get their money? From tuition! No tuition, no money. Where would the money have to come from? The provincial government. Where do they get their money? The taxpayers of Ontario. Our taxes would be hiked to cover the cost of running the colleges. The Ontario government may also ask the federal government to up payments to the province, again creating a tax burden on the resident or Canada. So, it’s easy to see if we look beyond the noble gesture of free tuition, how it would affect all the taxpayers Canada.


Harvard Vs. The Prisoners

  • In a debate between a champion Harvard debating team and prison inmates, who do you think would win? Why?

In the debate between the Champion Harvard Debating Team and prison inmates, I believe that the inmates would win the debate. The reasoning for my belief is purely a cultural and socio-economic one. I think that the team from Harvard would have a hard time with this topic.  Most of the Harvard debate team would have come from a privileged background. Many would have never attended public school with illegal immigrants. I believe that the prisoners would be more in touch with this topic and would be able to defend and argue the points better. They may have firsthand knowledge of the system, or know of someone who has had to deal with the situation.


  • Which side do you think would be more likely to defend the rights of illegal immigrants? Why?

I think that the Prison inmates would be more likely to defend the rights of the illegal immigrants. As stated above, I feel that the inmates would be more in touch with the situation than the Harvard Students. My reasoning is because the Harvard Students may come from a more sheltered background because of the status that they have (rich, privileged).  The inmates would be exposed to more illegal immigrants. Possibly some of them are illegal immigrants and this topic has affected them on a personal level. The way I answered it seems almost racist, which I am not. But to me it makes sense.

Persuasive Blog

As an only child, I became very proficient at being persuasive with my parents. To add to that I am the child of a divorced family. I learned all the tricks to persuade them to my wants or needs.  My son also has picked up these skills to persuade myself to his way of thinking or something that he wants. I do believe that it is an inherent skill that all children pick up from infancy. Call it survival or getting on your parents’ nerves. It works!

I learned a plethora of skills to persuade things to my way. Slight hints placed in strategic places in conversation was a great skill. What I was trying to persuade them to do or get me was never too far from their minds.  I found tears were a very good persuasive skill, but I never took a fit like I witness kids doing today, but would not use them too much.  I didn’t want to hurt them. As I got older I found that sitting down and talking to them and stating my case would work if it was something that made sense or was a viable. You start to understand you can’t get everything you want the older you get. But then your own child starts to try their persuasive skills and the whole cycle starts again. And no matter how bad ass you think you are, it is always hard to say no to a persuasive child.

The art of persuasion is a skill; Sometimes I think it is a survival skill. We all use it in our daily life. As easy as getting someone to say yes is a persuasive skill. Sometimes we have to work at it, sometimes we don’t.  Helen, Can I persuade you for a great mark?