True Writing is Rewriting!

The article on True Writing   was an interesting read. I did find it a little dry and long, but didn’t mind it overall. I really enjoyed the comment; “You burn your way through the story in a blaze of creativity and then, depending on whether you have a tendency to over-write or under-write, you’re faced with the task of either pruning a jungle or coaxing a desert to bloom.” (Shope, B. B. (2002). True Writing is Rewriting. Retrieved October 30, 2016, from Very funny and true comment.

The tip that I thought made the most sense to me and I would like to incorporate into my writing is “Once is Not Enough”.  I have discovered that rewriting my first draft with inputs and critiques from my peers has really helped with my writing. A second or even third pair of eyes on my work has helped me tremendously. It helped me focus in on areas I may not be strong in. I never realized the benefit of rewriting my work. In the past I tried to get it done all at once (and leave it to the last minute). Now I know that writing and rewriting leads to a better end product. I guess I’m still learning this new way of writing. It has changed since I did it years ago in school. Maturity has taught me a lot…but don’t let anyone know that, I’m still a kid at heart.

Overall I am enjoying this journey of writing. To be honest more than I thought I would at the beginning of the course. Hopefully I can continue to grow my writing skills and become a more accomplished writer.


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