Best Interviewers

The article “What The Best Interviewers Get Right” was a very informative piece that as a reader I really enjoyed. I agreed with most of his observations on interviewing. I found it intriguing of his compare and contrast of the interviewing styles of Howard Stern and Charlie Rose. Personally, I never gave Howard Stern a thought about his interviewing style. Mainly because of all the “shock jock” connotations surrounding him.

The advice that the author gave for interviewing were all well founded and would lead to a great interview. The one piece of advice that I found to possibly be hard for myself to follow, was to not be afraid to interrupt (Casel, B. (n.d.). What The Best Interviewers Get Right. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from I, as an interviewer would not feel comfortable interrupting the person I was interviewing. Firstly, it has been ingrained in me not to interrupt somebody when they are talking. I try to follow that rule as much as possible. I hate it when I get interrupted, so I try and show consideration. Secondly, I don’t know if I would be able to come up with extra questions to be able to interrupt him for follow up. Or, if I would be able to try and keep the answers from getting to long. My feeling is that if they want to give me as much information as possible, I’ll take it! I can sift through the garbage to get to the treasures of information.

A great interviewer is a pleasure to watch. If they know there craft an interview can go from a boring lesson in tedium, to a masterful work of art. The advice in the article gives a good stepping stone to a great interview.



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