Robin Williams

I found the stories written in the profile method to be very well written ad kept my interest. Two of the three were very entertaining and humorous. The third was a disturbing and sad narrative on the decline of our society and how some can slip through the cracks and end up doing something terrible He Hammered A Hiking Buddy to Death Ken Otterbourg (2016, July 7) retrieved from .

The main reason for this blog is to think of three questions that we would ask any person living or dead if we could get the opportunity. There are so many people I would love to ask three questions and more. I think my choice would be Robin Williams. That one death
seemed to touch a nerve with society. The shock, the suddenness, the reason. And like Dave DiPaolo, he went unnoticed, slipped through the cracks.

The first question would be; “How was it to really be Robin Williams?”. I think we all need to know that answer so we can truly know what led Robin to his final decision. Question Two; “How did you come up with most of your stand-up material?” The genius of the man is legendary, his quick wit and sense of timing were amazing. I’d like to know how he came up with everything. His inspirations, background that led to the final onstage show. Finally, I would ask him; “What accomplishment are you most proud of?” Out of all his accolades and success, what in the end did he appreciate most? Charity,  comedy, philanthropy, acting, family.

I’ve always felt to truly know a person we have to know them inside and out. We all saw Robins outside. It was the inside that baffled and in the end  hurt us all.


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