“15 Reasons I Think I Should Blog” Blog

The article “15 Reasons I Think I Should Blog” was very eye opening. They were 15 more reasons than I had ever thought of before. I am a neophyte in the blogging world. Have never even considered this form of communication before.  But as in all things in life, it is a poor day when you do not learn something new.

I find in my personal tasks, be it work, home life, interactions with people, I strive for positive reinforcement or comments. But I also look for the negative feedback. I continually look for ways to improve. Input from others goes a long way in shaping the way I move forward in tasks and activities.

So I had to read all the way to the end of the article to find my niche in blogging. Positive feedback is my reason for blogging. I enjoy reading others thoughts on my work, be it positive or negative. They both have the desired effect on my work or life in general. Positive feedback gives me the confidence to continue down the path I have chosen or to continue the work that I have been doing. Negative feedback gets me back on task, lets me see my weaknesses and hopefully improve on them to better myself.

My hope is that over this semester my blogs continue to grow through the feedback of my peers and instructor. I hope to become more comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas with the blogosphere.  I, in turn, hope that some of my positive feedback will help others achieve what they are trying to communicate in their writing.  A win/win scenario for all involved.



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